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We Make Dabbers.

Really good, long-lasting, high-quality, no-bullshit, dabbers.

Each one is designed, hand wrapped, finished, polished, and packed in Toronto, Canada.

Our exacting standards make us stand out from the pack and our quality products make your sessions better.

Stop dabbing with old screwdrivers and crusty dental tools, upgrade your setup today!

Support Local.

Dabbaratus has always been a backer of small independent business. You won’t find our stuff in any government stores…

100% Not Fragile

Each of our “Standard Classic” dabbers feature a uniquely chosen pairing of North American made 550 paracord wrapped on our custom designed and manufactured Stainless Steel dab tool.

Made to last as long as you do. 

Sometimes my #dabbaratus violates me in my sleep. Not that I'm complaining. Just an observation.

– @thetokingtraveler, Instagram Influenced

I haven't stopped using mine since I picked one up last summer. Literally the best dabber I've ever purchased!

– @choblanc, Alberta Canada

Hands down best tool 4710!

– @leafy_meds, Instagram

Dab game is now forever strong.

– @dave_illeagle, Instagram

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